Saturday Swoon

Time for another Saturday Swoon!

Check out today’s deals, steals, and swoon-worthy items! Click pic for source! 

A REASONABLY PRICED magnolia wreath!  Who knew? And you can choose from TWO sizes.  Awesome deal, you guys. 

I love the look of these.  A set of two 37 inch tea stained American flag bunting.  Swoon!  I would love to have this all year long; NOT just for the 4th!


HUGE Barn Wood Clock – would look great on a blank wall if you have one (I sure do!).  Ready to get this hung!


Y’all.  I’m going summer on ya’ for a moment.  I’m slightly in love with all the fun pool floats I’ve been seeing lately!  My kids would die to have a float like this.  Or heck, I would too!  

And this one too…swimming pools and avocados are on my mind, loves!  

Last but not least…popsicles while in the pool.  Nothing better! 😉


I love these mugs.  I would love to get one for each member of my family; it’s a great price, so snag ’em while you can!


White washed wood beads and a price that has gone down by 50%…this is a no brainer.  Go look around and see where you could add this beautiful lighting piece!  GORGEOUS!


I LOVE these vases.  I have the one on the far right, and it is HUGE.   What an awesome price for these, too!


RUG LOVE! This is a natural hand woven rug that I think it incredibly unique and amazing.


We are thinking of moving our upholstered chairs at our dining table to the office, which means we are in the market for new ones!  We love these because they have a wooded seat, but yet still have that industrial feel!


Everyone needs a white pitcher in their kitchen, and this is just the one, and for the price, just get it anyway no matter if you need it or NOT!


I have a confession to make.  I am LOVING copper lately.  It might be what I begin to lean toward in accessories!  There’s something about it that makes me happy.


It wouldn’t be Saturday Swoon without a sign of some sort! I’ll be headed to a market here in a bit, and I am loving this for the kitchen.


CUTE!  Adorable, adorable, adorable! I love bread boards, and I love to eat.  WIN!


Isn’t wallpaper making a comeback?  THIS is shiplap wallpaper, folks!  What!?  And it STICKS on.  My world might have just been changed.


And I love you too, cute little pillow.


This would look so adorable anywhere…but I’m thinking a back patio right above an outside fridge, or a drink bucket.  So cute!


I want this in our home office, stat!  This is for a great steal, guys!

This table. This color.  This price.  SWOON.


Well, it’s true.  Love this sign!!


Y’all! This is cage STRING LIGHT GARLAND! How cute! I’ve never seen these before, and I am loving them!  You’re going to love this price, too!


This is pretty phenomenal.  I love the wiring, the pully, the lights…just awesome.


We are thinking of what we want to do with our home office and in what style, and I just love this and the compartments that it has.  So many options!


Again, think office!  This is too cute and too cheap!  Easy decision right here!


GREAT lantern for indoors OR outdoors! What do you think?


GLORIOUS.  I love everything about the look of this lazy susan.


Here we are again!  COPPER.  It is so lovely on this teapot…and even more since it is on SALE! 🙂


And, well….since it’s vacation season…why not?!


That’s it for today, my friends!! Have a beautiful and swoon-worthy Saturday!

Much Love,