About Me

wedding canvas

Awww…look at us; 12 year olds on their way into adulthood!

Just kidding, we were 23. But, close enough!

This was us running into the beginning of a new chapter, and me running into my first year being a coach’s wife. I had no kids, no experience, and NO clue. Honestly. Just a college degree and a very cute husband, who happened to be a football and baseball coach. I had no idea what being a coach’s wife was all about. None. But, I know more now and am thankful I do!

Here’s me in a nutshell!

1. I’m an elementary teacher. I love every minute of my day spending time with some awesome kids! My love for talking has come in handy!

2. I used to dream I would marry a coach. I’m not joking.

3. I love southern things. I mean, really. Monogrammed things, mason jars, southern cookin, you name it!

4. I met my husband my freshman year in college and watched him play baseball for our college throughout our years there! I then went on to support him in his coaching career.
So, in doing the Math, I haven’t had a Spring Break in 18 years.

5. I have had great coach’s wives for role models.
Robin, Arija, Charlotte, Roxanne… I hope to be as awesome as they have been to their husbands and the community!

6. I have played the piano since 5 and love it. Secretly want to play for big audiences. But, I guess it’s not so much a secret anymore, though.

7. I love Pinterest! (Shocker)

8. I ADORE my little family. One Coach. One little guy, and one little gal. And I adore my parents, sisters, brother, my Texas mom and dad, and my Texas siblings and extended family. They have taught me so much! So thankful for each one of them and how much love and acceptance they give me. Big families are the best. Take my word for it.

9. I have to relive high school days…I pitched fast pitch softball in high school and ran 3 miles in 19 minutes. Whoop! That’s a far, FAR, cry from now, but I still love sports.

10. I love my Jesus! I’ve been saved through grace and want to live in a way that reflects my love for Him. Thankful for Him to be a God of second, third, fourth, and infinity chances. He knows I need it.

This is me. These are our stories. The stories that can be tough, fun, random, and everything in between.