In The Kitchen

A Quick Guide to Dessert Kabobs

Summer is on full force, my friends, and we are loving every single minute of these long days and late, lazy mornings!

And while we’re at it, let’s go ahead and add some summer food into these days, shall we? When I think of summer foods, my mind immediately goes to grilling, s’mores, fresh fruit, and KABOBS!  I have tried several chicken and steak kabobs this summer so far that are delish (I’ll share more of those later), but I think I might have found just the right DESSERT kabob to add to your summer nights…


You guys.  For real.  The easiest, lightest, fluffiest, ‘funnest’ (yes, I’m well aware funnest is not a word), summer dessert!

This idea truly came about after I had realized I had some extra wood skewers laying around, as well as ingredients for strawberry shortcake.  And friends, let me preface this to say, I’m getting more risky creative in the kitchen, and when that happens you just don’t know what will come out.  Going out on a limb here, but 9 times out of 10, I end up not liking what I come up with.  Not this time though; nope! This was a HIT, so obviously, I need to share this with you!

Here’s what you need:

(for the whipped cream)

  • 1 cup of heavy whipping cream
  • 1/3 cup of powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla

(for the strawberry shortcake kabobs)

  • dessert shells (or shortcake of some sort)
  • fresh strawberries
  • salted butter
  • wood skewers

Before making the whipped cream, put your beaters from a hand mixer in the freezer, along with a small bowl to mix the ingredients, and the heavy cream.  Keep in the freezer for at least 15 minutes.  Trust me.  You want to do this.

Here’s a stellar hand mixer if you don’t already have one (click pic):

Get your items out of the freezer and immediately pour in the cup of heavy cream and the powdered sugar. Beat at a high speed for about a minute.  Add in the tsp. of vanilla, and beat again until soft peaks form.  Once you see those peaks, STOP!  You don’t want it to get too thick of a consistency.  You want it soft and the epitome of homemade whipped cream. 🙂  Set the cream aside.

Cut your strawberries in a way that you would like them on the skewer.  All of my slices were completely different; I didn’t over think it.  Then take your shortcakes and cut them into little triangles or in fours (depending on what kind of cakes you get).

And here’s the kicker;  you want your cakes NOT to fall or crumble off the skewer.  Therefore, you need to crisp them up a little bit.  Heat your skillet to low and melt about 2 tbsp. of butter.  Place the cakes in the skillet and let them cook just a little; not too much or they will burn.  You want them just crisp enough (kind of like a funnel cake), but not burned.  Watch them and turn them carefully.  If you need to add more butter, go ahead! Don’t be skeered! The more the merrier in this situation.

Once the cakes are crispy, it’s time to assemble!

The crispy cakes make these truly taste like they were barely singed by a summer campfire!

We aren’t done quite yet! We absolutely have to add that scrumptious whipped cream.  My kiddos wanted to have all the whipped cream on the top (of course!), and I added whipped cream to the others on the sides.  Have you seen those naked cakes that are the rage right now?  The ones with the icing just lightly spread across the cake?  Think the same thing with the whipped cream.  The kabobs will look gorgeous and will be ready to consume!

These little guys were so easy to make and they’re a perfect dessert addition to your summer!  I bet…I just bet, the kiddos will love them!!


Much Love,














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