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How to Prepare Christmas Corn in June

I’m excited to announce my first guest post on the blog today!  This guest is none other than my wonderful mom! She is a WHIZ in the kitchen, and I’m excited that she has agreed to share some cooking secrets with us!  Below is how you whip up and prepare some delicious corn (which has always been a staple to us) to be had at the holidays.  Take it away, momma!

It occurred to me, Mrs. Coach, that you do not know where corn comes from.  At least not the yummy corn we have traditionally had at every Christmas meal forever, and like both of your grandmothers always had on the table at Christmas.  It was the one veggie that everyone expected to be on the menu.  Well, the Christmas corn tradition starts in late June to early July.  That’s the only time of year when we can get farm fresh corn.  So, in the summer I start thinking about our Christmas meal–specifically corn.  At some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, if you want to carry on the tradition of having corn at Christmas, someone other than me will have to know how to fix it!

If you don’t actually grow your own corn, and we don’t, and you probably won’t, then it involves a trip to the farmers market.  We have our favorite vendor who has the very best corn and he sells out fast so it pays to be on the look out when you think it’s nearly corn time.  (I’ve bought the variety known as Peaches and Cream for the past few years.)  And here’s the first secret.  Corn is always at it’s peak when it is not convenient and when you really don’t want to be in the kitchen all day.  Don’t say, “I’ll go get some corn next week.”  The corn will be gone.  Just put everything else aside, put on your big girl apron, and go get the corn.

Here’s what you need to know:
Buy more corn than you think you’ll need.  There’s never enough!!  Shuck and silk the corn and cut off any bad places.

Put a large bowl in the sink and using  a handy dandy corn scraper, cut the corn off the cob.

(Click below pic for another corn scraper that works fabulously.)

Now, this is not as easy as it sounds and there are some techniques that you need to know.  My scraper thingy used to be your grandmother’s.  There may be a safer apparatus on the market for the job (click pic above for one), but this is the one I use and it’s a doozy and works very well.  It is very sharp;  so do not use this when you are distracted. Here’s something very important to keep in mind:  DON’T CUT YOUR FINGERS OFF.   Keep your fingers folded under and watch what you’re doing.

I scrape one end of the cob to about half way up, then I flip the cob and do the other end.  That helps keep your digits out of the way of the blades. When all the  corn is scraped off, you want to make sure that you get all the yummy goodness off the cob, so run that cob over the scraper 2 or 3 more times.  This gets all the “milk” off the cob, and that is the secret of what makes the corn so good and creamy (you could use a knife to cut the kernels off and then scrape the the cob with the back of the knife, but take it from me, it will splatter everywhere and if…, no, when it dries, it will be like concrete).  This scraper keeps splatters to the minimum.

If you think this won’t take long, well, think again.  This is the corn off of one cob.

This is the result of 22 ears of corn in a 2 quart dish.
(Remember that I said to buy more corn than you think you’ll need?)

Click pic below for some quart dishes that are heavy duty enough to do this job!

You now have to prepare it for the freezer.  I basically cook it in the microwave in a microwave safe glass bowl until it’s almost all the way done (Disclaimer: this is not the way your grandmothers did it but I’m a modern granny and this way works for me!).  Cook for about 20 minutes.  Stir several times during cooking.  Do not add any seasonings.  Cool it quickly by putting the bowl in a clean sink with cold water and ice up to, but not over, the top of your bowl.

Transfer it to freezer containers and wait until Christmas!

For Christmas, thaw and thoroughly heat it in the microwave or stovetop, add butter, salt, and pepper, stir frequently, and enjoy!

Merry Christmas — in June!

Love, Mom





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