For the Coach's Wife

Dear Coach’s Kid

I had this long, novel-like post written on all of my thoughts and wonderings on being a coach’s kid.  I wrote down every intricate detail of what usually crosses my mind when I wonder what it is like, since my upbringing looked so different than what my children’s upbringing does.

And then I deleted it.

It’s not about what I think, but rather what I want my own ‘coach’s kids’ to know. What I desire them to understand about this life we live.

So, I thought it would be more appropriate to write a letter to my own, and “The Coach’s Kid”.

Dear Sweet Children, 

It’s a busy season right now, huh? Spring always brings busier schedules and lots of concession stand food (which I’m sure it’s truly, truly hard for you to eat M&Ms for dinner…yeah, right).  Let’s be honest, I bet it pretty much always seems like “a busy season” though, right?  I know it seems like I’m not only carting you to YOUR outside of school things, but also to Dad’s outside of school things, too.  I also know it’s not easy when we only see Dad a few minutes out of the day or when we are only able to kiss him goodnight while he walks in smelling like the baseball field and wearing his baseball garb.  I know there have been times where we have had to give up our Daddy for multiple Saturdays while we go about our day going to our own games.  I know there are numerous times that we miss him. Trust me, I know.  I miss him too. 

But, there are also two things I really want you to know about your Daddy being a coach.  I want you to know that he loves you so, so much.  When he talks to me when you aren’t around or when you have to go to bed before he is home, he always asks me how your day was.  When things are so crazy with our schedules, he tells me he misses you so much.  His love for you is so immense.  He believes in you and loves you.  He also trusts me to take the best care of you when he is not there for things.  And let me also tell you, anything that he ever has to miss of yours, it shoots lightning bolts of absence through his veins; there is nothing more that he loves to do than watching YOU.  I know he shows you his love for you, but I also hope I do a good job of letting you know how much he loves you.  He adores the way you love The Lord, and he shows you how important that is through being your daddy and also through being a coach.  Which leads me to the second thing I want you to know. 

I want you to know that what he does might sometimes just seem like coaching high school kids.  But dear heart, it is so, so much more than that.  He is preparing minds and hearts for Christ.  He is doing Kingdom work, day in and day out.  He views this ‘job’ that God laid on his heart years ago as his calling and as an honor and a privilege.  You see, this coaching gig is a pretty big deal.  Believe it or not, it’s not ALWAYS about winning.  Winning is nice. Winning is fun.  Winning also can be job security at times.  But, it’s really about being many other things; being a father figure for the one that might not have a dad like we are so honored to experience on a daily basis.  It’s about being an example of what a Godly man looks like.  It’s about showing and teaching how to handle defeat and how to portray class and character, and mostly, humbleness in the wins while giving glory to God.  It’s about showing dedication and commitment and the important learned skill of NOT QUITTING, even when you want to.  It’s about making an IMPACT.  But again, most importantly, it’s about sharing the love of Christ and leading young, impressionable souls to Him.  

And sweet kids, that is why it is so important to support him.  That’s why I ask you to help carry chairs and other game items as we run out of the house trying to make it in time.  I know you have lots of fun at the games (most of the time) hanging out in the dugout and running around eating hot dogs; however, I also know it’s not as fun when Dad’s not around.  But you see, when we support him, we are not supporting the wins or the hope of them, we are supporting a much bigger picture.  We are supporting a mission, a vision, and a passion for the love of Christ.  We are blessed to have a Daddy who knows he is in the will of God.   

My hope for you is that you will be as fearless and courageous to follow God’s call on your life.  I hope that as we watch our Daddy coach his heart out, that you won’t see just a coach, you will see YOUR awesome Dad and a man who loves The Lord with all his heart and is heeding to the call from Him. 

Watch your Daddy coach and run as fast you as you can to God.  God will reveal His plan for you just like He did with your Dad.  And when that calling is revealed, whether it be 20 years old, or 65, follow it and don’t for a minute look back.  

“Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, 
for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” 
Joshua 1:9 

I love you, 


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