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Well, the time has come!

This past week has been PACKED (no pun intended) with packing…unpacking…throwing trash away…giving things away…packing..unpacking…breaking down boxes…putting boxes up….packing.

Let me be honest, we have moved several times.  As a matter of fact, a friend of mine asked me recently, “Is this the 4th place your littlest one will live?” I sat for a second and thought….No, no way. But, YES, yes it will be.  To give you a little perspective, she is not 4 yet.

Now before you think we are ‘hoppers’, we haven’t changed jobs THAT many times in her little life, but, we have moved quite a few times. Why? One reason is because we wait for the perfect place to raise a family, and in those waiting times, we live in temporary places. We take our time, because to us, that is a vital part to raising a family. We should be expert movers by now, right?  Yeah, not so much! Each move proves to be so different than the other!

The biggest reason we move is because of the coaching world.  We have done two things and have learned from both.  In our 12 years of being part of this coaching community, we have lived SUPER close and we also have lived somewhat ‘far’ away.  Can you live further away, commute, and still be a super supportive coach’s wife?  Of course!!  But from experience, when your husband’s season gets going, you will either pack for the entire day and ‘wait it out’ to support him at his games, OR be able to go home, regroup, have the kids do homework, get a little snack, etc.  To be married to a coach is to be part of a huge, wonderful family.  Being able to support him, have fellowship with the other coach’s wives, support the team, cheer them on…all those things are big deals.

So, with this new change and exciting opportunity, we are moving to be close so we can embrace and support the school we will now be a part of!

This time around it seemed like we had so much MORE than ever before!  We did some major purging and ‘down-sizing our stuff’, which was incredible to do.  Even a little therapeutic!

In the end, we ended up with a gazillion boxes (I never seemed to get enough of those suckers – always went back to the store for more), pounds of trash, many things to give away, a few little mishaps (yes, I fell on a chair box trying to get clothes OUT.  It was not pretty, folks.  Not pretty at all), and then a beautiful home to leave for the new owners!

And then, before we knew it.  That was that.  We went to the title company, closed on our house, and went to our new ‘spot’ until we make final decisions on our next phase!  
Were we sad?  Yes.  You see that spot in the middle of the wood floor? In front of the fireplace? The 4 of us gathered there to pray.  We prayed in THANKS and gratefulness for the roof that God provided faithfully over our heads.  We prayed in gratefulness for the people that surrounded us on all sides.  We prayed and asked that God would abundantly BLESS the home for the new owners. We prayed for all the scripture that is written by us in sharpie deep inside the walls, on the frame of that house, would do exactly as is written.  Blessings.  Gatherings.  Fellowship.  Protection.  We prayed for our family, our adventure, and where it takes us next.  I cried.  BUT, I left with hopeful anticipation and expectation of what God will bring.  
A lot of folks have asked how our kiddos are doing.   I always respond with this:  A wonderful coach’s wife, Robin, told me once when I asked about how she dealt with moving many times, and she said, “You treat it like an adventure!  You tell your kids how neat it will be to make new friends, new teachers, and a new house!  It will be so fun!”.  There ya’ go.  One of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten.  My boy was just a few months old when I asked her and when she told me that and I hang on to that advice and that IS what I’ll do! So…to answer that question…the kiddos are so excited! 
There are a TON of unknowns.  And it makes me a tad fearful at times. 
But, then again, it also makes me incredibly excited.  To know that HE is in control and knows what is ahead for us? And WILL provide for us and give us exciting opportunities?? How can you not get excited about THAT!!  
We are in our new ‘pad’ now; settled in, and ready to move FORWARD.  Not looking back, but reflecting on the precious times and knowing that MORE memories will be made.  They are being made right now.  
And, thanks to a neighbor in our ‘old’ neighborhood, our new place is oozing ‘cozy, sweet home’ from that delicious candle she gave me.  Something as little as a beautiful candle can make a huge difference in this coach’s wife’s heart! 
Home is what you make it…is it not?  This move has already taught me so much.  We will continue on this adventure with hopeful hearts and excited attitudes!  One chapter closes and another one begins!  Thank you, Lord.  
And yes, that may or may not be M&Ms sitting on the counter.  Don’t judge.  

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