In The Kitchen

Did Someone Say Cream Cheese?

I could eat cream cheese from a spoon.

Don’t laugh. I truly could.

I love all cheeses, really, but cream cheese just tops them all.  And oh, how cream cheese tastes so awesome in desserts….and breakfasts…and dinners….and alone…on a spoon.

In looking through all the bagillion of 4th of July recipes across the good ol’ ‘net, I knew I shant look any further when I stumbled across a recipe with cream cheese involved.  The only drawback…it has fruit.  But, I’ll take one for the team since the fruit is ‘festive’ and matches our beautiful American flag.

Before I begin, I need to tell you three things.

ONE: This is easy.
TWO: It also requires to be chilled overnight.  Just a little FYI for ya’ there.  There is nothing I hate more than when I get halfway into a recipe and all of a sudden it reads, “and chill for the next 24 hours before serving”, which is also like saying, “if you don’t chill for 24 hours, it will be a miserable fail and all your guests will be wondering why you step foot in the kitchen to bake”.
THREE:  I use graham cracker crumbs; no crushing of real deal graham crackers for me.  I like to make it quick. 🙂

This beautiful red, white, and blue cream cheese heaven is from a new blog I have found called,
Mr. and Mrs. Pear (cute, huh?)!  Click HERE to go to their link and see all about them.  Cute couple!

Mr. and Mrs. Pear call this dessert, “BERRIED TREASURE”.  So clever, Mrs. Pear!  The fruit is wonderfully buried underneath the cool whip and vanilla pudding.  And don’t worry, the cream cheese is there.  Perfectly placed on top of the delicious buttery graham cracker crust.  My Your mouth is watering, right?

This is how mine is turning out through the process…


I’m happy!  It is chilling as we speak right now so I can whip it out tomorrow, throw the cool whip on top, as if I am the queen of the baking world (I’m really not…don’t get too excited).

Want to see the recipe?  Click on Mr. and Mrs. Pear’s link HERE to get it.

Go grab it and enjoy your BERRIED TREASURE!  Blessings to you and your family on this 4th of July!!!



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