In The Kitchen

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

That’s right.  The title has the word homemade in it.  Therefore, you will be sorely missing out if you do not read.  So, go ahead, and read up!

As much as I wish I could take the credit for coming up with this delicious southern delectable, I cannot take credit for it. Ladies and gents…may I introduce you to My Mom.

It always amazes my sisters, brother, and I how My Mom can whip up all the 3 square meals full along with desserts seamlessly and effortlessly.  It’s so humbling; especially when I try to make french toast and she stands by anxiously watching and gently takes the spatula away from me just to ‘show me how it’s done’.  And why is it, I ask, that by simply taking the spatula away and flipping it herself makes it so much better? It’s like there’s cooking magic in her fingertips.  And…I’m okay with that.  Aren’t ‘mom’s’ things always supposed to taste better, anyway?

So, picture this:

Ice Cream.
Summer Day.

My kids LOVED these.  As a matter of fact, my boy said this is the best dessert she has ever made; then went on to say, “actually, this is the best dessert I have ever HAD!”

Want the recipe?  Of course you do.

A few notes before embarking on this delicious summer dessert!
#1 – This is a GREAT recipe to make with the kiddos!  So easy and fun for them to help make!
#2 –  Whatever you do, do not leave the brownies in the oven for too long or too little.  They will either be too gooey or too hard.  You want the right consistency so you can bite into these little babies and it be ice cream sandwich worthy!

From My Mom’s kitchen, to yours… ENJOY!



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