Monogrammed Ballcap and Sweet Tea Bars

Oh my darlin, dear.  May one not be found without a monogrammed ballcap (spell-check says ‘ballcap’ is two words, but I say differently).

This little cap was something I bought on a whim through the magical site of ETSY.   I mean, is there ever a better place to by personalized things ONLINE than on Etsy?  Reasonably priced, cute, adorable, and for the most part, good in shipping, etc.!  I actually bought my daughter’s napmat on Etsy and it is one of the happiest, best purchases I have gone for.

This hat was bought through SOUTHERN PREP BOUTIQUE…and I have to say, I really like the name of their store.  🙂  Who can dislike anything when the name ‘southern’ is involved??

Their store is so cute and has so many options of monogrammed styles.  They also do phone cases,  totes, shirts, etc.  PRECIOUS! I plan on ordering more from this cute little southern shop in the future.

Here I am sporting the cap!  I love it!!  You can dress it up OR dress it down! 🙂

To top off this Southern Sunday, I got a wonderful feed this morning from Mix and Match Mama. 
Say, wha??  It took every bit of will power in my soul not to run out of my house at 6:30 a.m. to get sweet tea to finish up the recipe requirements (all the ingredients you will probably have on hand!).  I didn’t, and I’m pretty dang proud of myself.  
Here is the beautimous pic of the Mix and Match Mama’s Sweet Tea Bars:
Head over to Mix and Match Mama’s BLOG  for the recipe of these bars! 
I plan for them to be in my kitchen soon!  
Thank you, Mix and Match Mama!  You never disappoint!  
May the rest of your Sunday be Southern, y’all! 

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