In The Kitchen

Summer + Neighbors = S’mores Pie

Who likes s’mores??

If you don’t, as my mom would say, ‘that’s just UN-American’.  Amen, momma.  Amen.  (insert hand raise)

So, what is better than getting neighbors together during the summer and enjoying this age-old dessert?  I can think of nothing else.

When our neighborhood function was planned I thought and thought about what ‘side dish’ I would bring.  Do I bring fruit?  A casserole?  Nope..I went safe and decided dessert!  Everyone loves a dessert option.  I searched around and Pinterest did not fail me; I found this awesome and EASY s’mores pie recipe. The best of both worlds…s’mores without the mess.

Guys, help me welcome…the s’mores pie from Gimme Some Oven…. We all say WELCOME and THANK YOU, darling s’mores.

I don’t know how I can spell this out for you, but this is amazingly E-A-S-Y.  And if I’m totally honest, I usually screw up baking.  So, the fact that mine turned out awesome, is something to be said.  I may have left the marshmallows a second or two too long in the broiling part, but it did NOT make a difference in taste, folks.
Here’s how mine turned out, see how the mallows are just a tad browner than above?  Made it more ‘campfire’ like, really.
So, in conclusion, the s’mores pie was a hit and is summertime desserts at its best.  Check out the link above and try it yourself!  You will be surprised at how easy it is to whip this dessert up!
S’more it up, y’all!



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