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Jesus, My Captain & A Printable

Yes, I know.  Those don’t make sense together; or at least, they don’t seem like they belong together.

BUT.  No fear, my friends.  I shall connect the two!

First, I love music.  All kinds.  There is rarely a type of music I don’t like.

Second, I also love cute printables to hang around the house in frames, in my kids’ bathrooms/bedrooms, etc.  I have a rotating frame that sits in my kitchen and a drawer underneath that holds printables for all seasons; birthdays, spring, fall, you name it.  Needless to say, that stack keeps growing and it makes my heart happy, happy!

And third, I love really good sermons.  You know, the ones that resonate so deep in your soul that you know for a 100 percent fact that the preacher was speaking straight to your face and you felt as if you were the only there getting a personally spoken to word from God!

We listened to one of those sermons this past Sunday.  Coach and I were on the road and decided to play this sermon from our church and I tell you, it was all I can do not to scream AAA-MEN and start boo-hooing all at the same time.  This pastor, straight from Nashville (as a Tennessee born and bred girl, that made me perk up right there), is taking his family through a move and a BIG change and joining the church.  A change that seems a little crazy.  As he began to preach, I said to God and to Coach, “wow…WOW.  this is us.  THIS is how we have felt and are feeling”.  Everything he said resonated with us so much that it was as if he was having church JUST for us.  (if you don’t know about our upcoming move and changes, click here: We Interrupt This Program ).

Here is the link to watch and or listen.  I encourage you, if you are going through ANY changes at all…any kind of “what am I (we) doing?”, or asking “what is GOD doing in my life?”, or even, “this seems ridiculously crazy for me to believe or to go for…” This will be the best 20ish minutes you will have today.  Gosh, even if you are struggling with a decision to make or an opportunity that you aren’t sure is from God.  I’m telling you.  You will not regret listening to this.  You can even fast forward a little bit to see it to get to the message; it starts at about the 11 minute mark.  You will love it; I know you will.

Watch/Listen to it HERE:

The pastor mentioned a song; and being a Nashville guy, he has a love for music (yay!), so again, I was all ears.  This song was CAPTAIN by Hillsong.  After the sermon was over, we downloaded it immediately.  Now, this time, I did cry.  One of those silent cries because tears are flowing uncontrollably.  As we go through this season of change, and knowing this is not the only time that change will come, these lyrics are an incredible testament to God’s all knowing, almighty power and guidance.  Some of the lyrics…

Through waters uncharted, my soul will embark.  
I’ll follow Your voice straight into the dark.  
And if from the course, You intend I depart.  Speak to the sails of my wandering heart.  
Like the wind, You’ll guide, clear the skies before me  And I’ll glide this open sea.  
Like the stars Your word will align my voyage, and remind me where I’ve been and where I am going.  

Now, on to the printable…I love seeing words that I feel I need over and over.  The words to remind me who is in control and who is my Captain and knowing where I have been and He knowing where I am going.  Because of this love of impactful words, I have made a printable! Annnnnd… one for YOU to print off, too! And I made it set for this SUMMER season in mind.

Here it is in my frame in the kitchen and the printable itself:

I think I like it!  Of course, there are always things that I would like to change, but the purpose is served.  He is OUR CAPTAIN, our soul’s trusted Lord.  He is the one who sustains us.  Let Him guide our sails into where He needs to take it.  

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