For the Coach's Wife

Standing In the Gap

Ahhhh….the coach and the playoffs.  What a relaxing, fun, exciting time for a coach’s wife, right? I mean, gosh! At least we made it here, right?!?

Wrong.  Oh, so, so wrong.

I will never forget the first year we went to the state playoffs.  We had to have a hotel room and me and my 4 year old boy were happy to tag along with my wonderful coach of a husband.  I had no idea what was going on.   I mean, goodness, my previous experiences of being in a hotel room equaled vacation, fun, relaxation, and pool time.


I had no idea the amount of PREP went on preparing for a state game.  Oh my gosh.  None.  Coach’s meetings, watching past games of the opponent online,  lots and lots of room checks for the boys,  lots of pep talks, arriving at least a couple of hours before game time, and even more than that, LOADS of prayer.

Let me put it to you this way, I promised/vowed/committed to never get the same hotel room as my husband during a state-semi/state game.  Never again. Ever. Ever, EVER.

BUT….I didn’t live up to that vow.  I, through some painful growth moments, learned to understand and SUPPORT my husband in his preparation.  I was there to pray, support, love on, and give him every ounce of ‘go get ’em, honey!!’ as possible.

This weekend of state semis was no different in my role.  Oh, well, wait.  It was a little different.  My little gal decided to have a reaction to her antibiotics and I had to scour the town that playoffs were in (mind you, I have never been in this town longer than 5 minutes) for a local Walgreens for my pedi to call in another script.  Do you know how badly I wanted to complain to my husband?? Do you know how badly I wanted his help?  But guess what, ladies.  I didn’t.  I had to put on my big girl panties and DO IT.  With the help of our pediatric nurses who are great, and making a few phone calls, I got it done. And you know what?  It was slightly empowering and I felt so good that I didn’t bring my husband, who was OBVIOUSLY in another state of mind, into something that I could’ve handled.  Coach’s Wives, you can to do it.  Trust me, you can.

My role is that of cheering on my husband and praying that he will have the guidance of our Lord to act on and to listen to.  A praying wife for her husband.  Watching him this past weekend after so many years….has been more special to me than ever.  I know so much more.  I have learned so much from fellow coach’s wives; Charlotte, Arija, Robin, Roxanne.  I have observed and listened to what he needs from me as his wife.  I want to give him my all; even though, I don’t act like it all the time.  I love him.  I want him to succeed.  The hours, the time, the sweat, the tears, the thoughtful act of where to play boys and the strategic, WISE thoughts behind every decision.

My Coach…is the smartest baseball guy around.  I am not kidding.  Shout out to his parents for making him an amazing SMART baseball man.  Watching him is nothing short of amazing as much as it is baffling.  I have so much respect for him.

SO…Coach’s wives.  What advice can I give?  To stand.  Stand by him.  Be ready to cheer him on and watch him, and watch him and be proud.  No matter what anyone else in the stands might say.  Lose your hearing, ladies (thank you, Charlotte).  Don’t believe them.  He is YOURS and he is smart and he loves what he does.  Be that cheerleader (no, I wasn’t one in HS) that he needs. Be there for the fall, the rises, and the in betweens.  Stand by him.  He needs for his wife to not only love him, but to know that even though schedules and life are crazy, you are okay and that you are there to pray for that win…to pray for those decisions…to pray for those moments that he doesn’t know what to do. You stand in the gap.  Stand there and hold his hand, because even though he might act like he may not need it at times, I can tell you from experience, he does.

Power to you, Coach’s Wives!  I am cheering YOU on.  Go.  Stand.  Cheer. Him. On.

I love you, Coach.

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