All In!

On this day of last year, we prayerfully, thoughtfully, and after serious research, 
decided to go ALL IN with something that we have never done before.  A company built on health and wellness.  One that, unknown to us, would become a huge blessing not only physically but in all sort of other freedoms!  
Talk about out of a comfort zone!  This is IT!  We have said no to many things, MANY, many things. I could make a list, but for time’s sake, I won’t.  For some reason, Coach thought we should go for this.  A nutritional supplement that made us feel years younger and so much more energized to keep up with our life.  My response, though, at the time?  “Don’t lose any money, honey!”  I loved the new energy I had gained and just an immense amount of feeling better, but was scared to death.  And…guess what? Money is something he didn’t lose! 
If you had told me a year ago that we would travel to Vegas, New Orleans (I have learned to ADORE that place), drive a NEW CADILLAC…I would have laughed.  I think I probably would have been kind of offended too. As if thinking, “What? You think we need this? Shame on you! We are just fine!”.   But wow.  Our Lord is so much bigger than our tiny imaginations and thoughts.  
“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man, this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'” – Matthew 19:26
NOTHING.  Is impossible.  Please, don’t put God in a box.  We are a coach and a teacher, y’all.  We don’t drive Cadillacs or go on exotic trips.  We love the life God has bestowed upon us.  We love everything about it and what we do.  We wouldn’t change it for a lifetime of riches.   We also know that God brings opportunity to our door.  We can either say yes, or say no.  You measure those opportunities and you make sure that it doesn’t go against The Word of God.  You make sure it doesn’t go against your morals and priorities.  
Your FAITH.  Your FAMILY.  Your CURRENT JOB.  Then, you go forward.  
We went forward.  And it has been, for us, a complete blessing from Him.

There is no reason everyone on this planet shouldn’t experience the freedom that we can have!  Go after your dreams and don’t stop!


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