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Baseball Wreaths, Anyone?

I am twelve glorious years into being a baseball coach’s wife.  12 years.  After all this time, I finally have something on my door to represent this ridiculous fun schedule that we live January through May!

I got this idea from Pinterest (I bet you’ve never heard that phrase before, right??), and on a whim decided to go for it!

Here it ’tis!

Pretty cute, huh?!?  
Here’s the cool part and the wonderful thing about social media.  A friend who follows my Instagram account saw this lovely little baseball H and wanted one for herself!  So, what does one do?! Say YES!  
I had a great time making hers.  It ended up a tad different, but I still loved it just as much if not more than the H I had made for myself.  
Who wants the flowery, frilly wreaths, anyway?  Let’s all go for the initial!  And don’t judge when I put a flower wreath up later. 😉  

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