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Dear Courageous Momma, The List Can Wait

Raise your hand if you’re a Do’er!

Lord knows I am.  I am a bonefide DO’ER.  I am amazing at to do lists.  The best.  I am rock solid on getting things done and not slowing down enough to, let’s say, smell the roses. I would make to-do lists for one single day that would put anyone’s weekly to-do’s to shame.  I am proud of this because, frankly, I knock things out. I get ‘er done. I am loud and I’m proud about this one strength in my life.  Until I look back and see a weekend of to-do’s instead of days of memories.  It actually takes EFFORT for me to slow the hey down.  And honestly, when we are in the middle of Coach’s season, everything revolves around supporting him and his team and slowing down is just NOT an option.

So, when my sweet friend (I shall call her God’s Gift to Getting Me Out of My Comfort Zone) brought up the opportunity of us attending a mother/son weekend with her and her son at Pine Cove in Tyler, TX, this is what I thought:  “Yes, Yes, YES!  Oh, that sounds great!  I mean, really great! I can’t wait! What great memories will be made!”

And then the pitch forked little red angel yelled out, “For someone other than you, you crazy momma!  We are in the thick of your husband’s baseball season for crying out loud!  District games are serious!  Not only that, but, don’t you have a full time job?!  You know you would much rather be at home doing things that need to get done and feeling accomplished, because we all know too well that Monday is a-coming sooner than later, you know!? Oh, and let’s not forget this 3 year old that would need some assistance while Coach has his games!”

I could’ve easily said no, and my sweet friend would’ve understood because of the season I am currently in.  But, I didn’t.  Surprisingly, I didn’t. For a miraculous moment, I felt the urge and importance of this mother/son weekend with our precious friends,  and I said yes.

I had no earthly how everything was going to get done.  The weekend, like all others, was jam packed.  And, if I’m frank…I was a tad nervous about not having everything in line and taken care of before leaving.  But then as sure as the rivers reach the seas, GOD.  Then, GOD.

God happened.  And like He always does, in perfect timing.  Why would I doubt?  When I know he BLESSES us when our hearts and intentions are in the right spot?

When God happened, this is what I mean:
 – A precious family friend offered to watch my girl while I was gone.
 – I, by the amazing grace and mercy of our Lord, got everything done before leaving school and ready for the Monday that was coming with TIME to spare (rare, folks, rare I tell you).
 – The weather…was BEAUTIFUL!
 – I packed the evening before and finished all laundry and tidied the house before the Friday school day (huh!? I to this day do not understand that).

We jumped in the car with anxious and excited hearts, the 4 of us, and headed out.  And The Lord prepared my heart.  Oh, did He prepare it.  I was SO excited.  So excited to have some precious moments with my son that have been taking a back seat since his little sister had been born while also juggling crazy football and baseball schedules.  Those to-do lists couldn’t have been further from my brain.  I had no idea what to expect.  No clue.  And this is hard for me, because I’m a person that loves a schedule.  But what I experienced cannot ever be taken away from my boy and me.   What we experienced together as mom and son cannot be paid for.  It just can’t.

We ziplined, we spent worship time with other moms and sons, we did a devotion together, we fished, we shot some bow and arrows,  some BB guns, we did a ropes course. I got to look him in the eye during that ropes course and say, “come on now, be brave! You can do this! Let’s do this together!” without Coach being there to back me up.  My boy had to trust ME, his momma.  We played games and we WON a nighttime game with our friends and new friends that we had developed in just the short 24 hours we were there, and we celebrated together in a display of whooping and hollering and acting like the 9 and 10 year olds we were with.

The other mommas and I got to listen to Tracey Eyster of the “Be The Mom” book for 4 glorious mom sessions.  Oh my word…please, mothers, go to her website and order that book!  Ordered mine and cannot wait to get on reading that one.  All proceeds go to Pine Cove Project 319!  Amazing. I plan on putting up a post on just what she taught us.  It is irreplaceable.

My boy and I had a little Q&A session together one afternoon and one of my questions to him was: “What do you want to learn more about from me?”  His answer?  A staggering and life changing answer.  “Mom, I want to learn how to be serious.  Because, you know, you’re very serious.” Ouch! Not that serious is necessarily bad, but, ouch! Did I really want that to be the one thing that he learns from me?

Wow.  He sure didn’t know me in high school or college, now did he?

My heart dropped.  I have become this rope pulling momma who knew how to get him to get things done.  I was good at it.  The one who barked orders and pulled those good ol’ reigns in before things got (God forbid) out of control. But, I will give myself some grace and realize that without this weekend, I would have never had that moment to realize that before it got to the point in the future where I wish I would’ve known that.

I am so thankful that The Lord brought my sweet friend, who knows how to make some good memories and slow life down, into my life when He did.  Or else, I might’ve missed this weekend and kept on keeping on with those darned lists which can always, ALWAYS wait.

Spend the time, mommas.  Put it down.  It can wait. Take it from me, whatever it is, it can wait.

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